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SOS Children’s Villages Annual Report

Concordia International / AMCo is a major supporter of SOS Children's Villages, an international charity which does hugely valuable work around the globe looking after homeless and underprivileged children and creating communities.  SOS has now published its Annual Report on the year 2015 which can be reviewed here.  In 2015, and partly through our support, SOS helped over 1 million people through its programmes in care, education, health and emergency response.

As part of our Environmental, Charitable and Governance work, we also support IHP (International Health Partners), which donates medicines to people in need across the world, and Snehasadan, a charity in India dedicated to offering support, a home, education and a future to homeless children: We have donated over £1million of medicines to IHP and in 2016 we have helped to rebuild a Snehasadan children's home near our Mumbai office.  In addition, we provide financial and personal sponsorship to Snehasadan children who are seeking to move from school to vocational education and training. We believe that these charities make a real difference to those whom they help.

These projects resulted in Concordia/AMCo being one of four companies shortlisted for the Global Generics and Biosimilars Awards 2015.